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The Center for Pediatric Neuropsychology (CPN) offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations for children and adolescents. A division of the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CCBT), our specialized psychology practice seeks to understand the broader needs of each individual. By using a comprehensive approach we are able to offer tailored treatment recommendations that meet each family’s unique needs.

Cognitive and academic difficulties often overlap with social and emotional challenges among youth. In spite of these challenges, children can thrive when families understand their strengths and weaknesses as learners. A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation can offer diagnostic clarity and enable their care team to implement more effective treatments.

Through seamless collaboration between parents, educators, and our diversely skilled staff, we seek to provide high-quality care, personalized feedback and recommendations, and continued support. CPN is able to partner with your child’s school and existing care team, and also offers in-house therapy consultations and evidence-based interventions for those seeking additional services.

What is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist?

When seeking a comprehensive assessment, it is important to identify a provider who has extensive training in the field of neuropsychology, which is a unique specialty within clinical psychology. This discipline focuses on understanding brain-behavior relationships for diagnostic clarification and to guide recommendations. As part of their education, a pediatric neuropsychologist studies how the brain develops so that they can identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses in a child. They must also complete a formal pediatric neuropsychology post-doctoral fellowship after graduate school as part of their training.

All of this specialized experience enables them to administer a variety of standardized measures, diagnose neurodevelopmental disorders, and offer feedback to help families secure appropriate educational placement and accommodations after the evaluation is finished. A pediatric neuropsychologist is able to tailor services to meet the unique needs of a child and their family, offering valuable insight into how the child’s brain functions and what supports may help the child reach their fullest potential.

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Center for Pediatric Neuropsychology is a division of the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. All services are provided by the Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy.